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Finally a half descent Kingfisher shot

Finally a half descent Kingfisher shot

King fisher for web AMKingfisher…Kingfisher…Kingfisher… Finally I have a Kingfisher photo that I’m almost happy with! It’s only taken me two years and probably around 600 hours but today (12/01/2016) I managed to get this image. This Kingfisher is about the size of an adult fist and is so far the best Kingfisher shot I have taken! Although I’m always on the look out for a Kingfisher It took me by surprise and only rested on this branch for around 10 seconds, I was scanning the lake from the hide at Arundels Wildfowl & Wetland Trust From 9.30am when at lunch time, just as I was thinking of going to get something to eat I noticed a blue shimmer in the branches, I quickly adjusted the settings on my camera and fired off two identical shots this one being the less blurry! Already I cant wait to better this and really want to be able to get a bit closer. This image was shot at 400mm and has been cropped.

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