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Goodwood Revival 2014 THE CRASH!

Goodwood Revival 2014 THE CRASH!

So I now have some information on the cars involved in the Goodwood Revival 2014 crash, The Red car is a an Alfa Romeo Tipo B driven by stephan Rettenmaiier. The blue car is a Parnell-MG driven by Rob Huff.

This information was sent to me can you verify it?

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Goodwood Revival 2014

Goodwood Revival 2014

Here are a few of my pictures I need help with from this years #Goodwood Revival 2014. I am trying to find out information on the two cars involved in this crash! If you can help me please comment or message me.

This year everyone at Goodwood Revival was treated to seeing not one but two Second World War, Lancaster bombers accompanied by a Spitfire escort. The noise was magical, And I felt so excited but I couldn’t help but think about our brave soldiers from the past. We also had the pleasure of seeing the 1950s jet aircraft The Canberra accompanied by a Hunter.

         There were also three big anniversaries this year at Goodwood Revival as it was the 60th birthday of the Jaguar D-type Le Mans race car, & the Maserati 250F Formula One car. It was also 50 years since Sir Jackie Stewart made his debut in a single seat car on the Goodwood circuit. More of my Goodwood Revival pictures will be posted soon so if you want to see them please sign up to my blog.

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