Questions that I have been asked.

Questions that I have been asked.

What camera do you use?
I use a cannon 5D MK2 & 5D MK3

What happens if your camera breaks?
The short answer is it wont. However should it break I always carry a spare! All of my lenses and camera equipment work on both cameras so the quality of your pictures will not be affected.

Will you get a picture of everyone?
We will try are very best, However we cant force your guests to smile!

How soon can we see some photos?
I generally aim to provide a sneak peak of the wedding photos within a couple of days of the wedding. This will be for you to have a look as well as advertising for me. These images will be posted on my facebook business page, and also to this website. You will be emailed when this is done so you can go and have a look straight away.

Will my guests be able to buy prints or other products after the wedding?
Yes. All images will be on this website.

Can we supply you with a camera to take pictures with as well?
Most Certainly NOT. (someone actually asked this!) I have spent hundreds of hours using my camera’s & know exactly how to use them!

Do you use Photoshop?

Can I have the pictures straight after the wedding?
I’m afraid not! Every picture I take is post processed in some way shape or form. And it is not possible to do this in such a short time frame.

Can you Photoshop that?
It depends. As I photographer, I want to get everything as perfect as possible in camera. Posing, location and camera settings can “fix” most things before I even click the shutter. If your Best man etc… photo bombs you, I’m going to retake the photo, It’s much easier to get the photo right than to fix it with Photoshop.
Many photographers charge for extensive editing in Photoshop, because it can be very time-consuming.

How can I make sure I look good in my photos?
Relax. Trust me, if you’re relaxed, it’ll come through in your photos.
Leave some breathing room in your schedule so you don’t feel rushed I recommend a minimum 30 minutes for family and wedding party photos, and an hour for the couple portraits.

I love those photos with the blurry backgrounds. How do you get that look?
This is called shallow depth of field. I achieve that look by using professional lenses that are able to focus tightly on the subject.

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