Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

My specialty is for dramatic images that resemble traditional studio portraits

I will visit your home on a pre-arranged date for your pets photo shoot, With my portable studio. Horses, Cats & caged Animals will be shot in situ, But with dogs its different! as we can go “on location”.


The choice of location is entirely up to you! A place you may think your dog is at it’s happiest Or even your usual walk. A typical shoot will last about 90 Mins, As I believe a relaxed, Unhurried approach achieves the best results, Meaning great images of your Pet.

I offer an at home pet photography service to proud pet owners in West Sussex so that I can capture your pet’s temperament and personality traits in a familier environment. To do this, each shoot involves a little prior planning and working with you for a smooth running session. The final result is a bespoke, professional set of images to treasure for a lifetime.


I am familiar with working with animals and will aim to capture your pet’s unique character. Although dog photography is My most popular commission, I also offer pet portraits for horses, cats,

birds and reptiles.

The cost of a photo shoot is £75 This includes the sitting fee, over two hours of a professional photographer’s time and expertise And travel expenses (up to 10 miles) The photo shoot should take around 60-90 mins. After the shoot I will edit the pictures ready for your viewing. You will receive a FREE 8×12 mounted picture. All other pictures (8×12) are priced at £18 each. High resolution DVD’s containing  your purchased prints are available.

This price is valid for up to two pets. Additional pets will be subject to a £25 charge per animal. This is reflective of the extra time taken on the shoot itself, As well as the extra Editing, Processing & Printing.

Location is key

I offer both a studio session or a location of your choice, such as in your home or a local park. Consider what style you’d prefer to determine the perfect location.

Clean & groomed

No doubt you’ll want your pet to look its best so having them groomed and cleaned a couple of days before will do just that. Plus, a flawless, shiny coat looks fabulous in photos.

Walk beforehand

When it comes to dogs, ensure he or she has been walked, especially if they’re a little hyper. We know cats can be lazy little creatures so try to time the appointment around when they are most alert.

Toys & treats

Armed with your pet’s favourite toy or treat is a great way to reward good behaviour and keep them calm, so keep these tools handy.

Familiarise with flash

If possible, get your pet used to flash before the session by taking a few snaps with a camera or even a phone so they’re a little less startled before we begin.

Props for pets

Props can make a welcome addition to photos, instantly adding that fun element. Cute dogs can perfectly play up to that trait with adorable hats, while bulldogs can portray their macho image.

For the indoor ‘at home’ photo session, I need a modest amount of floor space (approximately five feet by seven feet) And for dogs a pet that will stay on command for a brief period. Animal welfare is always my primary concern and special care is taken when working with very young animals such as puppy’s, kitten’s or pet’s with notable health issues.  If it appears that the photo session is no longer fun for them then I will stop.

logo2Shoreham Dogs Trust are need of some volunteers to help out at there center,

with jobs such as washing up and laundry, so if you have a couple of hours free each week and you live near the center They would love to hear from you! You can visit there page by clicking the logo!

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