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Contact Me

Aaron Marshall

meI am a freelance Photographer based in West Sussex. I’m married with two children & 12 fish, and a rabbit! when I was 16 (2002) I bought the biggest megapixel camera I could  just because I wanted better quality memories of what & where I had been. But then I was asked to photograph a Wedding, Then do a Portrait … Pet portrait… Some Baby pictures… It didn’t stop! And neither have I ever since! So this is me, An award winning, Multi published Photographer who still doesn’t exactly know what I want to photograph! So I have written a book all about photography more specifically Creative photography.

A few Q & A’s

What’s your style of photography?

Relaxed, Friendly, Discrete, & Fun! I like to capture people at their best and I feel this is done when people are relaxed as this allows for a more natural look. Creating Memories That Last can be done without bossing people around.

What make is your camera?

Both my camera’s are canon camera’s as well all my lenses. Some photographers will go into a debate about which is better Canon or Nikon…. Not me I shoot Canon as that’s the first DSLR camera I had and so just stuck with Canon!

Who’s your perfect couple?

Couples who book me because they love my photography! I love to laugh and have fun with my clients I feel it’s really important that we connect in this way. Which is why I like to meet with them first, Then once were friends we can plan your photo’s.

Where do you live?

In a small village called Rustington in West Sussex. As a West Sussex Wedding Photographer I get to work at some amazing venues & I also travel all over the UK and internationally for weddings. But I love coming home to this little corner of the world!


As well as photographing people I also have a keen interest in photographing wildlife, I am a member of the WWT and will often post pictures to my Facebook page.



Some of the images on this site are in my E-book along with the settings I used & how I set the shot up! If you would like to be one of the first to be notified about the Release date of my E-book or Creative Photography Workshops please sign up to my blog.


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